About us

About us:

Doers is a place where link minded people meet. We believe learning should be easy

When you are bored, you can play some games to chill and relax.

When you feel like learning you can ready the various blog posts. You will mostly find technical articles on our blog. But, sometimes we write other articles too.

We started doers in Dec 2020. We didn't have anything to do, due to Covid thus started a blog to help others earn, learn, and relax.

About Santosh J (Author)

I've completed my Bachelors of computer applications in 2007. I love teaching and education

I've worked with Unisys, Dell, Convergys, IBM, Accenture and a few other organizations, I cannot ever forget the beautiful memories I hold with them. I would love to go back and work with them in community or consultant roles. 

Currently, from over seven years, I've been working as a independent web developer/web consultant to bring motor and tar businesses to internet. 

I work on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MYSQL. Let me know if you need a website.

I also love WordPress. If you are looking to get a WordPress website, hit me up. 

I also make educational videos and courses for various technical topics. Thus, if you want to collaborate, reach out to me via the contact us form.

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