How to add a buy button to Blogger

 How to add a buy button to Blogger

It quite easy to add a buy now, donate, or other buttons to your Blogger blog. Let's see how we can achieve this.

First, you create an article or post where you want the buy button to appear.

Second, you choose which platform or service you want to use to add the button to the post by using the pencil icon on the top left and selecting HTML view.

Those are the only things you need to do to add a buy button. Hope this sounds easy. For example, to detail this, I'll use Razorpay donate now button just beneath the article. 

Head over to Razorpay and register or sign up. I used Sign up with Google rather than using the email address. I choose the unregistered business as I earn below 20000/- to 50000/- per annum. You can select the appropriate ones that suit your business.

Click on the payment button on the left and create a button. Choose the button type, I used Donate button. Add the template, title etcetera. It's straight forward. Once you follow all the steps, you get the button code. Now, switch to HTML view and paste the code. That's it. Hope this helps.

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