Who contributes to websites?

Who contributes to websites?

Websites are created by web developers. These are the people who develop the website(s). 

Some of their daily activities involve:

  • Coding
  • Refactoring
  • Maintenance
  • Optimizations 
  • Integration

Furthermore, everything you see on the list is not handled by a single person. There might be multiple people such as Jr. Devs, Sr. Devs, Tech leads, and Tech architects involved in the project.

They might work in the capacity of Frontend, processing, or backend engineers. Each of them has separate SOPs. 

Thus, to summarize, the aforesaid are said to be contributors.

The role of web developers is to develop useful websites that serve a purpose. Each website has its individual purpose. For example, some are developed to see items online, some are created for leisure, and some are created for entertainment. Thus, the role of web development is to create websites.

Some popular examples: Google, Facebook, Blogger, etc..., 

Hope this helps. If you have doubts please ask in the comments section and I'll clarify.

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