Ten keys to happier living

 Ten keys to happier living

Essentially there are a lot of things that make you happy. Here are a few things we could practice to live happily. Have a dream and work towards it.

Giving: Do things to others. The more you do to others the more you will receive back. Have you ever wondered why successful people give often? It's good karma.

Relating: Connect with people. If you can't relate to the people you meet, work with then you won't understand what they are going through. Try to relate and connect with people.

Exercising: Take care of your body. It's an essential part of daily routine. I've forgotten how to exercise but, I must start as well.

Appreciating: Notice the world around you. If you don't appreciate what you have or what you were offered you are missing on a big chunk. People matter.

Trying out: Keep trying out new things. Learn never ends. It's a continual process.

Direction: Have goals to look forward to. It's essential to have short term and long term goals to work towards what you want in life. My current goal is to earn enough so that I can travel around the world and provide for my family.

Resilience: Find ways to bounce back. Whatever you are going through find a way to take some action that can change the current situation. Find way's to kick back into form.

Acceptance: Be comfortable with who you are. We are but humans, we have longings and desires. Be comfortable with who you are and how you present yourself. It's impossible to please everyone around you. 

Meaning: Be part of something bigger. Always look up to something or someone and be part of something bigger than what you are. This will positively impact every aspect of your life.

That's all for now. Keep reading and sharing. Have a lovely one.

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