Remove blogger widget from template

Remove blogger widget from template

It's quite easy to remove or add code to a blogger template. 

There are several ways to customize the template on Blogger.

Let's start with the easiest. Log on to Blogger admin and click on layout, locate the widget you want to remove, and click the pen icon. You will find a button to remove the widget. In this case, a Facebook widget.

Go to the blogger admin dashboard, click on the theme on the left-hand side.

Click on customize dropdown,  EDIT HTML to customize the template.  

It will open an additional page on the right where you can see the template code. There you can customize or edit the template. 

How to find the widget you are trying to remove?

Click on the icon you see on the far right. 
Find the <b:widget and then select the entire code till </b:widget> and delete it.
Click on the save icon. That will save the changes.

Hope that helps. 

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