How to Get Real and Active Twitter Followers

How to Get Real and Active Twitter Followers

What is Twitter?
It's a social network when you post a text known as 'tweet' to share information. The difference between Twitter and other social networks is the character limit it imposes on you before you post something. 

You can easily gain more followers on Twitter by doing these things:
  1. You should have a descriptive profile that defines the purpose of your account.
  2. Don't forget to tweet. It shows that you're active and connects with others who Tweet.
  3. Have a regular schedule and post during active hours. For example, during breaks.
  4. Hashtags are very important when you tweet; use them wisely.
  5. Make sure you use multimedia content such as images, and gifs. These are far more engaging than normal text tweets. These get extra bounties for you.
  6. Try to share what you've tweeted on multiple social media accounts. That will bring in more engagement. It's self-promotion but it counts.
  7. Always try to tag the pictures and answer. Nobody likes to be ignored. 
  8. Don't forget about your niche. Constantly try to find fans over the network and use them to your advantage.
  9. Encourage and engage the new people whom you find on there by hosting contests, offering whatever you can for free, or even host raffles.
  10. Analyze what you do and learn from the best and mirror their tactics. Everything's available for you on the internet, just ensure you follow the right people and use their tactics.
That's all for now. If you have any questions, ensure you get them answered by leaving a comment.

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