How to create a logo?

Let's see how we can create a logo for a website, business, or for any other purpose.

First, you need a reference image. The reference image I'm using is posted below.

Secondly, you need vector editing software. I will be using Inkscape.

Open Inkscape and create a new file or open a reference image.

File > Open > Select the image > Select Embed, From file, None.

Next, select the image by clicking on it and click Path > Trace bitmap. This will bring up a dialog where you can adjust parameters.

If you want a colored image, you must use multiple scans. It will give you options to customize more.

Our image has two colors, thus using multiple scans. I will select the default number which is 8.

If you get a grainy image, use the smooth option to make it smoother.

The last step is to export the image to your computer. Select File > Export png image and Export as and save it to the location where you need it. Remember to click the Export at last.

You can see the traced image below.

That's all for today. Enjoy learning new things. 

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